Homework is a tool, not a punishment

The need for homework in schools has created a great rift between parents and teachers. It is among the greatest issues that have made the two parties have a big difference. Each of the two sides tries to pose to be more superior on the stand on school homework. It has made it impossible to get to a neutral ground on this issue. Teachers and those who support homework on the use the following to defend their stand:

1. Homework helps to solidify what acquired concepts during the learning hours. After a vigorous class routine during the day, homework will feature concepts taught. Students will have to peruse through all the things they learned. It will enable them to tackle the homework at hand. The process gives them a chance to solidify what they have learned. 

2. Homework gives students a chance to put the skills they learned in practice. Subjects have arithmetic, and mathematics in it requires homework. They enable them to put into practice the skills required for them and avoid forgetting. Good homework enhances research skills, time management skills, and discipline of learners. A student has to schedule his or her time well to balance between free time and time for homework. It makes them responsible. They apply time management and discipline to adhere to the routine without fail. 

3. Learning new concepts in class might not be a walk in the park, especially for slow learners. Teachers have to balance the speed that favors both fast learners and slow learners. It will enable them to get the content well. A fast pace will disadvantage the slow learners. They take time to get concepts. On the other side, slow speed will demotivate fast learners. Homework is vital for slow learners for them to be able to get the concepts they missed in class. Frequent practice done through the homework enables them to master these concepts. They will be able to compete with fast learners in examinations. 

At times learners need to have better study patterns. A balance between class time and playtime has to be good. It will help to improve their performance both in curricular and co-curricular activities. Improvement in the two aspects will increase the interest in both of them. It will make learners love school and study without having issues. They will enjoy being in school. 

Parents and those who oppose homework say that it’s vigorous and tiresome. It impacts a lot of pressure and stress on learners. It keeps students busy, denying them an opportunity for their social life. They spend more time on schoolwork, making them develop antisocial behaviors. In the end, it makes them unfit in the social world. In most cases, the elderly do the homework in the family on behalf of the learners. At this point, it becomes useless as it doesn’t benefit the intended group. So, if children need some extra psychology homework help, they should get it immediately and get rid or stress.


So to this stand, homework should be for the intended group for it to be beneficial. It will prepare them well for any exam ahead as they will be able to remember what they have been practicing.

To reduce the stress factor on a student, the quantity of homework given should vary according to the age. The time duration for submission should vary as per the quantity of homework given. It will enable them to have time for other things and make them develop social skills for social life. 

In order not to motivate learners, homework should relate to what they have learned in class. Give them what they have learned for them to love school and long to learn new concepts. They will excel in academics. 

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