How helpful is homework

Lots of students and parents are questioning the rationale of homework today. Instead of enjoying their time at home, students are staying up late to finish their tasks. To make matters worse, even parents are stumped by the assignments given, which reinforces their idea that homework is a terrible burden today.

But there is a purpose to homework which students need to comprehend and parents need to remember. The following are some good reasons why homework is helpful.

  • Helps students remember

In almost every grade level, students have anywhere from 5 to 7 subjects that cover a lot of topics. So sitting through the lecture does not guarantee comprehension. Homework, however, forces students to reread their notes so they can recall and apply what was taught. The more they do it, the more they will remember. Without homework, class time becomes wasted time.

  • It makes students more responsible

Many parents complain about the lack of maturity and responsibility of their kids. Even if household chores are assigned, these do not take up too much time, allowing kids to watch TV or play video games. Thus, homework is a helpful way for kids to learn to be responsible as there are real consequences for not doing so.

  • It prepares students for future lessons

To prepare students for the next topic, teachers often assign questions that require advanced reading. Obviously, students are not too happy about it as they are dealing with something that has not been discussed yet. But if seen from the teacher's perspective, this advanced reading will ensure that the next lecture is easier to understand. So though seemingly burdensome at first, homework is a great way for students to learn more about their different subjects in school.

  • Parents are updated about school

With the way children communicate with their parents today, parents would not know how good or bad school life is without homework. As a problem that students have to usually tackle with parental help, homework gives parents an idea about their children's interests and difficulties academically. The time for helping with homework also becomes a bonding moment so that other concerns about school life can be tackled, such as crushes, bullies, dreams, and worries.

  • Homework teaches other skills

A final benefit of homework is that it teaches students other skills that may not be learned in the classroom. Research is something many assignments require. Thus, students have to go to the library, search online, or even interview people to get the data they need. Some tasks require creativity where students draw, paint, or put together something that gets turned in. And some tasks necessitate observing something and then noting the details. These are all skills that cannot be done within the class, which is why homework helps.


Although homework does require considerable time to accomplish, removing it will hurt students even more. Rather than revealing such assignments, students and parents should focus on the benefits of homework.

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